Choosing the correct carpet for your rooms

Advice on how you can choose the correct carpets for home

All rooms around the home are used for different reasons and are differently trafficked

Living Room Carpets

The Living room is a well used high traffic area. This means the living room carpet needs to be good quality but usually require a high decorative style. Due to living room carpets being prone to spills and stains you need to make sure your pick a carpet that is highly stain resistant and hard wearing. For example man made carpets and wool carpets have a high resistance level to dirt and stains however regular carpet cleaning is key to keeping on top of permanent stains and worn in dirt.

Hall, Stairs & Landing Carpets

This area of the home usually experiences high foot traffic that attracts a lot of dirt and grime to the carpets. A good quality wearing carpet is essential for this area with a durable high quality hard twist carpet or loop pile carpet worth considering.

Bathroom carpets & Kitchen Carpets

These areas in the modern home are now very rarely carpeted. With most people now choosing to use laminate hard flooring for example tiles or vinyl flooring, however Mr Cleaner can also provide a range of professional cleaning services for laminate hard flooring, floor tiles or vinyl flooring. If you prefer to have fitted carpet in your bathroom or kitchen areas, you are best choosing a carpet with a high stain resistance and considering a carpet with a good quality backing. Rubber backed carpet is most popular (100% nylon or polypropylene fibre blend) traditional carpet backings and fibres may retain moisture and lead to a damp and musty smell.

Bedrooms Carpets

Obviously this is really a matter of choice of with most people opting for deep luxury pile carpets. However in children’s bedrooms a more robust cut pile carpet maybe a more suitable option due to having a soft touch feel with children usually spending long periods of time playing on the floor. A darker carpet colour is also a good option. We also recommend having your carpets regular cleaned to keep the carpets fresh and clean whilst prolonging the carpets life.

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