Different types of carpets and oriental rugs

There are many different types of carpets and rugs to choose from all with different purposes to suit different areas of the home or commercial areas here is a list of some of the different types of carpets and rugs.

Tufted Carpet

Tufted carpet are made from inserting or sewing pile yarns through a pre made basic fabric referred to as a primary backing the pile can be left looped or cut and then a secondary layer is bonded to the latex for the adhesive to set. Tufted carpet comes in a wide variety of forms and styles. Tufted carpets are the most used widely common carpets used today.

Woven Carpet

There are three main types of woven carpets they are made by a loom they use different coloured yarns which make it capable of being made into intricate patterns.
Here the different types of women carpets:

  • Wilton – Cut Pile carpet
  • Brussels – Looped Pile carpet
  • Axminster – Cut pile carpet

Woven carpets are usually the best quality carpets available

Oriental Carpets & Rugs including Chinese rug, Indian rug, Persian rug & Turkish rug

These include a variety of different types with Persian and Chinese rugs being the most popular:

  • Chinese rug
  • Indian rug
  • Persian rug
  • Turkish rug

Saxony Carpet

This type of carpet consists of two or more fibres which are lightly twisted and heat set straight to give them a soft texture. This type of carpet is prone to stains they show foot prints and are easily marked.

Textured Saxony

This carpet is the most popular type of Saxony carpet with the main difference being that the fibres are kinked or twisted in different directions. Due to this they reflect the light differently so when you rub your hand over the surface you don’t notice a big difference in colour. This makes textured Saxony Carpet a popular choice in high trafficked households. Textured Saxony carpet is less likely to have foot marks or vacuum marks.

Frieze Carpets

This type of carpet was also called ‘Shag carpet’ back in the day! Frieze carpets are very durable due to the construction by twisting fibres together. Frieze carpets are very durable for high trafficked areas for example: halls, stairs & landings. By selecting the correct Frieze Carpet it will usually look good for many years.

Velvet Carpets

These type of carpet is very luxurious looking with an opulent feel! Velvet carpets are lightly twisted and usually provide a uniform colour. Velvet carpets are best suited to formal areas due to their luxurious look.

Cut & Loop pile carpet

Cut & Loop carpet is ideal for hiding footprints and dirt due its many different layers. Cut & Loop carpets are ideal for use in both informal and formal rooms with the carpet made by combining both looped and cut fibres this type of carpet is available in many different colours.

Needle Felt carpet

Needle Felt carpet has a high durability rate they are made by electrostatic attraction of individual fibres. Needle Felt carpets are usually used in the contract market for example: hotels, offices, schools when the carpets experience high levels of foot traffick.