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Mr Cleaner pub carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaning from Liverpool provide pubs and restaurants with a professional cleaning service to keep business carpets and upholstery clean and fresh. All work is carried out by professional pub carpet cleaning technicians at a mutually agreed convenient time to avoid disruption to your business or guests. At Mr Cleaner carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaning we believe that pubs and restaurants with fresh and hygienic carpet & upholstery have a much higher probability of attracting new customers. When visitors enter your licensed premises the carpet is the first thing they can see. Investing in scheduled regular pub carpet cleaning services will ensure your customers return more frequently and are more likely to purchase food.

Carpet & Upholstery stains are a big problem in pubs and restaurants. Stains caused by spilled drinks, food stains and chewing gum can quickly ruin the pub or restaurant interior decor. Regular carpet cleaning and our specialist professional cleaning services can help to greatly reduce the build up of stains in your pub or restaurant.

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